Columbus, OH native Loie A. Greenwood is a former collegiate athlete at Wittenberg University turned overly-curious social strategist and entrepreneur at age 20.

Reigning from Gahanna Lincoln High School in the suburbs of Columbus, OH, Loie has worked to expand his mind, utilize and hone his skills, and ultimately make a difference in the world. A single-mother home has granted him the drive, passion, and purpose that he hopes to use to have a positive impact on his peers.

Working at Black Diamond Digital Agency (Chicago, IL) this summer will wrap up his third internship in the marketing industry. Loie now has ample experience with Social Media & Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Content Creation, Social Strategy, and Editorial/PR planning. He has worked with Complete Research Connection (Columbus, OH) and Parkhurst Dining Services (Springfield, OH) as well.

As a rising Junior at Wittenberg University, Loie will be studying abroad for a semester at Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia. During his first trip out of the country, he will be able to study content amongst the areas of Psychology of Personality, Social Advertising, and Indirect Marketing. His semester schedule falls in line with his declared double-majors in Psychology and Business Marketing, and his minor focuses in Communications and Advertising.

Loie has lots of improvement left, though. In the coming months he hopes to gain more experience with SEO, more efficient publishing tactics, and work with identifying the most effective ways to attract crowds. Working often to improve himself mentally & physically, Loie uses his curiosity to take in as much information on others, the world, and new cultures as he can – always open to new experiences.

In a few years he hopes to be working in a creative space, using his skills and passions to create content and conjure strategy for a company or cause that donates itself to the betterment of minorities, underprivileged, and society as a whole.