Our Team

Loie Greenwood
Loie Greenwood, Owner/CEO, loiegreenwood@me4me.info // 614.653.9703

Chasing a BA in Psychology and a BA in Business Marketing, Loie is amidst his third year as a student at Wittenberg University.¬†Loie has just over 4 years of experience with Social Media Marketing, having partnered with Parkhurst Dining, Chicago Signs, and Black Diamond Corporation in prior years. Loie aims to aid his community’s businesses, big and small, by taking a few things off their plate: social media marketing, creative content, and aligned photography. He wants you to let him be you, for you, as best he can.


Grant Benninger, Chief Content Creator - Central Ohio, benninger.22@osu.edu // 614.579.9962
Grant Benninger,
Chief Content Creator – Central Ohio,
benninger.22@osu.edu // 614.579.9962

Working to obtain an engineering degree at the Ohio State University, Grant Benninger has partaken in several experiences to cultivate his understanding of corporate interactions and business operations. Through an internship with Proctor & Gamble this past summer, Grant has come to the knowledge of how a successful business is maintained and worked to learn the strategies of creating a desirable customer experience. In his interactions through Me4Me, Grant will seek to utilize his learnings about successful business to create more opportunities to publicize your company’s name and services.

Tim Bates

Pursuing a BA in Communication, Tim is entering his senior year at Wittenberg University. Tim has a breadth of experience facilitating University social accounts; studying best practice business communication and operation, as well as previously interning for a full advertising, marketing, and public relations agency. Social Media Strategy is Tim’s niche area as his objective is to gauge your target audience and construct avenues that allow them to better engage with your social community.

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